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Root Causes of Cape Town’s Water Crisis – the big WHY

Have you ever tried to think of reasons why there is a water crisis? Why we ended up in such a difficult waterless situation? Some are quick to point fingers at local government, some might have another point of view. Let’s imagine random people in a bar asking each other the question: “Why is there […]

What is a Water Management Assessment and what is its Business Value ?

With the current drought taking place in the country driven by the El Nino effect, most South Africans are acutely aware of the challenges being faced with regard to fresh water supply. The drought, coupled with the historical disadvantages faced by many in terms of accessibility to fresh water and the fact that South Africa […]

SETA Accreditation

What are the benefits of SETA accredited training? SETA (Skills Education Training Authority) accredited training entails that a skills development course is approved by one of the 21 industry specific SETAs. Each SETA sets specific standards for training providers which ensures the quality of the SETA accredited course. Once the attendee has completed the SETA […]

Water scarcity in SA will drive Water jobs growth

In recent years South Africa’s electricity shortage problems have rightfully taken centre stage and our media has been filled with factual and emotional stories on the topic. In fact this important issue has been put on such a lofty platform that other key resource debates have had to take a seat well back in the […]