Level 6b water restrictions apply in Cape Town, and Day Zero at the end of April is looming over your business!

If Capetonians and their businesses do not implement water saving measures fast and efficiently, water will run dry. If your business uses any form of water for its operations, your business will have to shut down on Day Zero. If your stock requires any form of water, your stock will be lost. Consider the financial and social implications with far reaching consequences affecting your business, your family, your safety and well-being.

What can you do? Ask Terra Firma Academy and learn with us. There may be just enough time to learn about water efficiency and conservation which is all about knowing and managing this precious resource. With water level 6b restrictions applying we all have an obligation to attain a new water consciousness which will lead to appropriate water saving measures. So today in Cape Town, knowledge and education are the keys to the future of your business:

Water Efficiency Management Course (3 days)

The course focuses on teaching learners how to systematically assess water usage within all types of organisations and to recommend appropriate solutions (technology & behaviour). Learners will be able to conduct financial assessments of each solution and will get a strong understanding of how to recommend solutions that maximise the customer’s return on investment. This course is SETA accredited and SAICE & ECSA validated.

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Water Behaviour Change Course (3hrs) in-house

This course has specifically been designed to support companies on their path to sustainability and implementation of water saving strategies. Our experience has shown that water awareness and correlating behaviour change can save water quickly. This course is packed with simple, easy understandable examples and focuses on issues, which are often easily overlooked.

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Water efficiency and conservation does not take a long time to understand and implement. It is all about simple one by one steps hand in hand with training of all occupants in a commercial building. There is enough time – with a degree of urgency today – to train and inform people on how to reduce water demand. Water efficiency is all also about knowing why to choose which retrofit and where to best apply it. Water demand reductions in any commercial building and facility are always within easy reach, and failure to do so will be fined and felt by all. The degree of urgency cannot be denied any longer. Learn and save water. Learn and save your business.