My Experience – Sifiso Dlamini

Sifiso enrolled in our Water Efficiency Management course in Johannesburg in April 2018.

How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy?

From the LinkedIn app

What drove you to search for training in the first place?

I needed to sharpen my skills with more knowledge that would also enable me to have a better understanding of the Facilities Management field that I’m in. Also, to apply the knowledge of what I learned into practice in the workplace.

What was your expectation of the training, and was it met, superseded or not quite what you expected?

My expectation was to leave the Academy with much more insight and understanding of the (Water Efficiency) course and it was an expectation that was greatly met.

Have you done any similar short courses, and if so, how did they compare?

The Water Efficiency Management course was my first of its kind and now I’m so much looking forward to the next course (Sustainable & Efficient Facilities Management) in June.

What is your success story – how did the training help you achieve your goals?

The training made me to be aware of how to be water conscious, how to calculate water consumption, how to save water, different kinds of water (white, grey and black), different water sources/inputs.

Now that you have experienced the benefits of training to ‘get ahead’/find a job, what is your next step in terms of your career?

My next step is to update my CV, which in turn would increase my chances of getting a job in the FM industry and also to apply what I’ve learned in the position that would be offered to me.

Have you any further comments?

Keep up doing the great work that you are doing and empowering people with the necessary knowledge that would help them in their respective jobs/responsibilities … Thank you Terra Firma Academy ?