Level 5 water restrictions apply.

And how exactly should one do that? Ask Terra Firma Academy and learn with us. Water efficiency and conservation is all about knowing and managing the resource, but one cannot manage what one doesn’t know. True to Einstein’s quote “we cannot expect to solve problems with the same mindset that created them”, this means we have an obligation to attain a new water consciousness which will lead to appropriate water saving measures. So, knowledge and education are the keys:

Water efficiency and conservation does not take a long time to understand and implement. It is all about simple one by one steps hand in hand with training of all occupants in a commercial building. There is enough time – with a degree of urgency today – to train and inform people on how to reduce water demand. Water efficiency is all also about knowing why to choose which retrofit and where to best apply it. 20-30% water demand reductions in any commercial building and facility are always within easy reach. Come and see how! Terra Firma Academy offers the following water courses:

The knowledge imparted in these courses would not only help facility managers, but also many professionals such as plumbers, renovators, interior designers, office managers, pool doctors, foremen to name but a few. Some of them may wish to extend their professional service with water efficiency gaining a real competitive edge.

Water efficiency and conservation is by far cheaper and easier to attain than finding and using alternative water resources – or paying fines! Water efficiency also carries fantastic return on investments. So, let’s do our best to achieve water efficiency as quickly as possible. Everybody including yourself is responsible in ensuring long term availability of clean and healthy water.